Cleaning Team

Cleaning the church building supports the various ministries that take place in the building and exercises good stewardship of the building. Parishioners are scheduled in pairs to clean; if interested, contact the Cleaning Team Coordinator.


The central vacuum hose is in the furnace room, and a floor vacuum is in the Vestry Room. Brooms, mops, and pails are stored in the kitchen.

  1. Vacuum weekly all the carpets upstairs and downstairs in back hallway and stairway.
  2. Wash weekly stairways, and kitchen and bathroom floors.
  3. Sweep Parish Hall floor weekly, and mop as required.
  4. Dust the pews and wash kneelers when necessary.
  5. In the washrooms, clean toilets and sinks weekly.
  6. In the Vestry Room, kitchen, and washrooms, check all soap dispensers and refill as necessary as well as toilet tissue and paper towels. Extra soap and paper products are stored in the downstairs washroom cupboard.
  7. In the kitchen, clean sinks and stoves.
  8. Empty the canister in the vacuum at least once a month.

Storage of Cleaning Supplies

The Church building is not like your home where you know who will be in your home.  The Church building has many different users including children and we must ensure that they are safe.

Consider whether the cleaning products are necessary and dispose of them if they are not. Those that are necessary are to be stored in the locked cupboard in the kitchen, the key is hanging on the wall.