Note From the Pastor

Welcome to St. Stephen’s website.

We have redeveloped the website, keeping in mind those that may want to check out St. Stephen’s and parishioners who may find information that is helpful to them.

Openness and transparency are important. It enables people to understand why we do things. And for those interested in participating in the ministry of the parish, it shows you what you may do and gives you information to do it.

St. Stephen’s is a family church. If you attend worship regularly, be prepared to get to know everyone. Being inclusive is important. Like all families, we are not perfect. We work at making it a safe place, and people are caring. Sunday School is offered, and children are welcome to be present during worship.

As a result of COVID, we offer all our worship services and some meetings on Zoom, which makes us accessible to people who are unable to attend in-person.

We are excited about our new washrooms. An accessible washroom was put in on the main floor with an infant change table in 2021. The washrooms in the basement were converted into an accessible washroom, aside from the automatic door opener. Except for the plumber, parishioners did all the work. The washrooms are more convenient for everyone, and especially so for families toileting young children and for people with mobility issues. Being single toilets, both washrooms are gender neutral.

Worship is a significant ministry of St. Stephen’s and one which is the gateway to other involvement in the parish.

With sermons I try to keep them real, to meet pastoral and spiritual needs, and to preach using the Sunday scripture readings. When appropriate, I offer teaching about the Bible and the liturgy so that people have background to interpret the Bible for themselves and understand how the liturgy relates to their faith. Often a conversation or something on the news from the past week gives me an idea of what to talk about.

As a result of COVID, we send a Sunday message by email early in the week that has the scripture and sermon from the past Sunday. Positive feedback has encouraged me to keep sending them out.

I believe that each person has to make a decision to be in relationship with Jesus. The best way for the church to bring people to faith in Jesus is to love them.

Becoming a Christian was part of my journey to heal, and the church has helped me become more whole. I hope people who attend St. Stephen’s will have a similar experience.

St. Stephen’s is a place you can come if you would like to develop your spirituality or if you would like to be part of a community, an extended family. People can get involved to the level that they feel comfortable; some like to jump right in and others prefer to get involved slowly.

Please explore the website and learn about St. Stephen’s and come and participate in our parish life.

If you have any questions, please contact me using the contact information at the bottom of the page.