Flowers for the Sanctuary

People enjoy having flowers decorate the sanctuary and marking the passage of loved ones, and flowers contributes to our worship. Flowers in the sanctuary includes flowers being placed on the retable and elsewhere in the sanctuary.

Flowers are placed in the sanctuary for Christmas and Easter, and a note may go in the Sunday bulletin listing who they are from and who they are given in memory of. To donate money for flowers, use the Flower/Altar Guild donation envelope that is in the narthex cabinet. Donations for:

  • Christmas flowers ought to be in by Advent 3, and
  • Easter flowers by Lent 3.

Click on Upcoming Events for the dates of Advent 3 (December) and Lent 3 (March).

At other times of the year, except for Lent, people may place flowers in the sanctuary either from their own garden or they may purchase them. People are responsible for taking care of their flowers, disposing of them, and washing the vases. To place flowers, people are to contact the church office and provide the date and if they wish to have an announcement put in the bulletin, the text.

Placing of flowers will be done on a first come, first served basis.