New to St. Stephen’s

St. Stephen’s is a family sized church located in Current River, a neighbourhood in the city of Thunder Bay. The church was founded so that people of Current River and area could have a place to worship meet for fellowship and Bible Study and their children attend Sunday School in the neighbourhood. This purpose is still valid.

Generally, as one participates in the life of church, a person ought to grow in knowledge and love for Jesus. Equipping the saints is important, and a church has a responsibility to provide opportunities to do that.

For a small church, we are active. Please check out Participating in Ministry, which shows how to get involved. For particular ministries, one has to learn how to do them, and where this is the case, notes have been provided.

If you are new to St. Stephen’s, please check out New to St. Stephen’s. St. Stephen’s is part of the Anglican Church of Canada, which means our forms of worship, theology and governance follow its pattern, and you can find articles which introduce you to the Anglican Church.

Being on the Parish List

The church is a community of people, who believe in Jesus, or are interested in becoming a believer. The local church in Anglican custom is called a parish, which is the congregation led by an Incumbent/Pastor.

In Anglican practise, to join a parish a person agrees to have their name put on the Parish List, and they become a member of the parish or a parishioner.

You are put on the Parish List and taken off at your request: use the Parish Response Form and give it to the Sides-person, Pastor or contact the church office. Once on the Parish List, you will receive the newsletter and be invited to special events or to assist with fund-raising. The parish undertakes to provide pastoral care and the Pastor, or a Shepherd may offer to visit.

How to Contribute Financially

The easiest way to contribute financially is to put money on the offering plate at the church building. Several options on how to contribute are listed below.

A Charitable Income Tax receipt is issued in February for identified donations $10 or greater made in the previous fiscal year. Semi-annual statements are issued to identifiable donors to verify donations; contact the Envelope Secretary for corrections.

Offering Envelopes

Single offering envelopes for use by visitors and occasional donors, and memorial envelopes are in the narthex (entrance).

A box of envelopes can be requested for those who wish to give regularly to St. Stephen’s; to obtain a box complete a Response Form, available in the narthex, or contact the Sides-person or church office.

You may donate using your credit card and issues the Charitable Income Tax receipt. It also deducts a small administration fee.

Interac E-transfer

To donate to St. Stephen’s via Interac e-transfer, send an e-transfer request through your financial institution to In the message, indicate what your donation is for; unspecified donations are applied to the Operating Fund.

Electronic Offering Program (EOP)

Money is withdrawn from a donor’s account on the 15th of the month and deposited to the parish’s bank account. Donor Registration brochures to start or amend your offering are in the literature rack at St. Stephen’s or