Service Music

A feature of Anglican worship is that the words of the liturgy may be sung. The responses, psalms and most of the canticles are from scripture. A canticle like a hymn. The liturgy can be said or sung. Different settings have been written to sing all or parts of the service. Music is from the hymn book, Common Praise, and the Book of Alternative Services (BAS) both published by the Anglican Church of Canada, which are in the pews. The Missal is the service book used by the Celebrant.

What is shown below is the music used in worship at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church.



HYMN: 707
Gospel Acclamation (Alleluia) 
HYMN: 709
The Great Thanksgiving
BAS p. 921 #2
Eucharistic Prayer #3 Anamnesis
Missal, BAS p. 923
Eucharistic Prayers 4 & 5
BAS p. 923
HYMN: 719
Lord’s Prayer (modern) 
Missal #1, BAS p. 918 #1

Morning Prayer

BAS p. 912 #2
Venite Psalm 95
HYMN: 748
Jubilate Deo Psalm 100
HYMN: 749
Lord’s Prayer modern
BAS p. 918 #1

Music for Canticles

The Song of Mary 18b Luke 1:46-55
HYMN: 362

The Song of Zechariah 19b Luke 1:68-79 
tune Kingsfold (HYMN: 508)

Jesus Christ is Lord 22b Philippians 2:6-11
tune Sine Nomine (HYMN: 276, 387)

For further information on how planning worship, see Planning Worship/Picking Hymns and on the background of the Anglican Church including its worship see New to the Anglican Church. See Things to Know for information on customs and names of things in worship and church government.