Sermon Evaluation

For each of these questions, consider what the preacher did well and what the preacher could improve on.


1. Did the sermon foster a deeper spiritual understanding? Did it help people to know Jesus?

2a. Did the sermon apply the Christian faith to life?

2b. Did the sermon relate to your individual life? or the life of someone else?

2c. Did the sermon relate to the life of the congregation?

3. Where the cultural differences and historical background of the scripture readings explained?

4. Did the sermon teach the Christina faith to the congregation?


5. Was the language understandable? If unfamiliar words were used, were they explained?

6. Does the opening catch your attention? Was the middle good? Was the end good?

7. Could you follow the logic of he sermon?

8. Could you say what the point of the sermon was?

9. Did the sermon have appropriate stories, etc. to illustrate the points of the sermon?


10. Could you hear it? Did the preacher speak clearly, without mumbling?

11. Was the length appropriate?

12. Did the preacher make eye contact?

13. Did the preacher sound sincere?

14. Did the preacher seem confident in what she or he was saying?

15. Did the preacher display any distracting mannerisms while preaching?