March 5, 2019

Before the Service Begins

invite people new to St. Stephen's to coffee hour after service;

for families with children, talk about: Sunday School, changing diapers; and

invite visitors to sign the guest book.

Parishioner Response Card

During the Service

  pick up offertory plates from the back of the nave, proceed down the aisle to front pew, and collect offering moving towards the back;

bring the gifts to the sanctuary rail and pass to the server: 

o   for Eucharist, bread and wine,

o   money, and

o   on the 3rd Sunday, bring an item from the food hamper; 

for Eucharist, close the sanctuary rail and put the cushion in place; 

for Morning Prayer, wait at the sanctuary rail for the Officiant to offer the Prayer over the Gifts; and

bow, turn toward the center and walk back to your seat.

  as the choir is receiving communion go to the front of the seating;

once the choir has received, invite people to go forward to receive communion, ensuring that there are few delays;

follow the last communicant up to the sanctuary rail and receive communion;

open the rail and move the kneeler over; and

if anyone cant come to the rail for communion, advise the celebrant so that communion can be brought to him or her.

At all times, keep an eye open for people needing assistance.

After the Service

If the building is evacuated (Fire)

Other Emergencies

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