Prayer Chain

Updated 3 Mar 2009

Matthew 18: 19, 20

The purpose of the prayer chain is to unite people to pray for individuals, events, etc.

How the Prayer Chain works

A prayer request may come from any individual, the Pastor, the Intercession Book etc. Permission to add a name to the prayer chain is preferred. The prayer request should include a person’s first name and a brief reason for prayer (ex. health, loss of job, traveling), a specific description is not required. People are encouraged to pray for the intentions in the weekly prayer cycles found in the bulletin.

The prayer chain functions as a circle of communication, each person has one individual to contact. Anyone on the prayer chain can receive a prayer request and start the prayer chain going. If you cannot reach your contact on the prayer chain, you should continue the chain by calling the next person. (You can then continue to try to reach your contact and explain that they do not need to call anyone.) The communication continues like a chain until the one who started the prayer chain receives it back again. It has now been completed.

The phone call should be kept brief and to the point, any chatting can be done at another time. Any information learned through the prayer chain should not be discussed or disclosed publicly. Confidentiality must be maintained. This includes not approaching the person who has requested prayer with condolences, or requests for more information.

Any concerns about the breaking of confidentiality should be directed to the Pastor. Should a serious breach of confidentiality occur, with the concurrence of the Prayer Chain Coordinator and the Pastor, the person would be dropped from the prayer chain.

It is recommended that you keep a record of the prayer requests so that you may pray for them as long as needed. Example:

Name & prayer request

Date of request

Date answered

Jane Doe – health problems

March 26

April 2

John Smith – traveling

April 1

April 15

Some sample prayers to get you started can be found in the:

          Book of Alternative Services pp 680-682
          Book of Common Prayer pp 54-56

For a person to join the prayer chain, he/she would contact the Prayer Chain Coordinator or Pastor. The Prayer Chain Coordinator would meet with the person, review this policy and provide contact information for the other members of the prayer chain.

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