March 21, 2020

Mission Project

St. Stephen's adopts a Mission Project annually. Parishioners select an organization and raises funds to make a donation to it. The goal is to raise $500, but we donate what is actually raised. Each year a bake sale held at the Current River Winter Carnival raises funds for the Mission Project. The intent is to engage the congregation in Mission and to heighten awareness of groups and organizations doing charitable work in our community.

On the 3rd Sunday in January on Sunday after a worship service, the congregation brainstorms ideas for a project and selects one: ideas are brain-stormed, writing them on flip chart paper. On the 4th Sunday when the ideas are reviewed, an opportunity is given to add to the list, and then a vote is held. When brainstorming, people suggest a mission and are given the opportunity to explain its merits. People may submit their idea in writing so that it can be read at the brainstorming session. Children are encouraged to participate and suggest a mission; suggested missions may be reviewed during Sunday School on the day of the vote. An organization can only be selected once every 2 years. 

Each person, including children, is given 4 sticker dots and voting is done by affixing them to the flip chart paper with the items listed. Parishioners who will not be in attendance may vote by proxy. A proxy must be in writing, including e-mail, identifying the name of the person and the name of the proxy. 

Alternating between a local, national or international Mission may be considered when choosing the Project and parishioners are encouraged to consider the Anglican Church of Canada's Five Marks of Mission to evaluate ideas when voting:

To make the donation, when possible a representative of the organization receiving the money is invited to attend worship, speak on their organization and be presented with the cheque. Through the year, parishioners would be educated about the organization selected.

Our Mission Projects:

2020 Underground Gym, Thunder Bay

2019 Current River Community Centre

2018 Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity (MEMO) and the Scout cabin on Dog Lake

2017 Blessings in a Backpack

2016 Faye Peterson House

2015 Teen Challenge

2014 Shelter House Thunder Bay

2013 Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay

2012 Mission to Seafarers: Port of Thunder Bay

2011 Underground Gym, Thunder Bay

2010 Anglican Cathedral in Iqaluit

Current River Churches Food Cupboard

The Current River Churches' Food Cupboard operates every Tuesday from. 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Refreshing Waters Community Church, 361 Hodder Ave.. Between 40 to 85 people are served each day. On Mondays some of the items are repackaged and the shelves stocked, ready for distribution. The volunteers are from the various Current River churches and donations come from them, as well as the community. We are members of the Regional Food Distribution Association, the central food distribution hub. This means we receive a share of community food drives, food shipments and bulk purchases. The Food Cupboard runs fairly smoothly, because of hard working, dedicated volunteers.

St. Stephen’s supports the Current River Churches Food Cupboard through financial donations, the Reverse Offering on the third Sunday of the month, and a number of people volunteer and have volunteered for it. The Parish Council appoints two representatives to sit on the Current River Churches' Food Cupboard Committee, which oversees the operation of the Food Cupboard. 

It was housed at St. Stephen’s from 1995 to 2011.

Reverse Offering

On 3rd Sunday of the month food is collected and donated to the Current River Churches’ Food Cupboard, and for St. Stephen’s emergency food bag. If you are not donating food, you may wish to make a small financial donation; use the other line on an offering envelope. Listed below are suggestions for various items to donate:

Pastas of various kinds

Small juices

Canned: stews









Spaghetti O’

Small jars of peanut butter

Small coffee

Little puddings

Breakfast cereals

Rolled oats and other cereals for cooking

Small flours

Small sugars

Children’s lunch treats


Soup crackers

Toilet paper





The Mission to Seafarers

The Mission to Seafarers is an outreach of the Anglican Church to assist seafarers, particularly foreigners, who come to the Port Of Thunder Bay. Transportation from their ship to shopping the Seafarers’ Centre is offered free of charge. The Seafarers’ Centre located at Keefer Terminal is a home away from home where seafarers telephone their families or connect with them on the Internet. Clothing, Bibles and magazines are available for them to take. The Port of Thunder Bay Mission is a registered charity and supported by the Thunder Bay Port Authority, the Anglican Diocese of Algoma, churches of various denominations, other organizations and individuals. 

Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

Remember that the PWRDF is an excellent way to contribute to relief and development work around the world. Check out their work at www.pwrdf.org. Donations can be made through St. Stephen's offering envelopes (use the space "PWRDF"), the Electronic Offering Program or www.CanadaHelps.org.

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