Ministry Description - Treasurer

Approved by St. Stephen’s Parish Council April 21, 2003, revised September 9, 2013

Qualification, Knowledge, Attitudes

A candidate for the position of Treasurer must be able to maintain confidentiality; show good attention to detail; be self-directed in order to meet timelines; and have enough computer knowledge to learn new programs. Knowledge of bookkeeping is preferred.


The Church Wardens appoint the Treasurer [Diocese of Algoma Canon I-3 2(b)] annually, and the term runs from an Annual Vestry Meeting to the following Annual Vestry Meeting.


The Treasurer is accountable to the Church Wardens for the paying of authorized expenses, the management of funds held and the accounting of the funds of St. Stephen's Anglican Church.

The Treasurer advises the Church Wardens with respect to changes in policy for the handling of funds.

The Treasurer is a member of the Parish Council [Diocese of Algoma Canon J-2 4 (d)] and the Finance Committee.

The Treasurer is the contact for the Electronic Offering Program.

The Treasurer is the contact for

The Treasurer trains and supervises the Assistant Treasurer.

Specific Duties

The Treasurer:

1.      maintains both the computer and paper financial files;

2.      oversees the counting of the offerings;

3.      enters receipts and invoices into the accounting software;

4.      pays bills;

5.      prepares a Financial Report for each Parish Council and Finance Committee meeting;


6.      works with the Envelope Secretary to quarterly reconcile the deposit records with the donation records;

Year End

7.      assists with the preparation of the Budget;

8.      under the direction of the Church Wardens, has the books audited;

9.      prepares a Financial Report for the Annual General meeting;

10.  prepares the Diocesan Financial Return (February) and submits it to the Incumbent for mailing;

11.  ensures that the HST rebate is submitted annually;

12.  ensures that the HST owed from the Solar Panel income is remitted to Revenue Canada annually (no later than March 31st);

13.  ensures that the Charity Return is submitted to Revenue Canada by the June deadline and advises the Incumbent and Wardens when it has been submitted;

14.  ensures that the previous year’s paper financial records are organized and stored in an Archive box Vestry Room cupboard such that it is easy to audit them; and

15.  does any other duties that are agreed to at a Parish Council or Finance Committee meeting.


The Treasurer is supervised by the Church Wardens.

The appointment as the Treasurer may be discontinued by the Church Wardens for not carrying out the responsibilities and duties of the Treasurer.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee’s purpose is to assist the Church Wardens with financial decisions and to communicate the financial information to the parish. The decision-making authority of the Committee is based on the Church Wardens being members of the Committee. The Committee may give direction to the Treasurer.

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