Ministry Description - Treasurer - Assistant

Approved by St. Stephen’s Parish Council September 9, 2013

Qualification, Knowledge, Attitudes

A candidate for the position of Assistant Treasurer must be able to maintain confidentiality; show good attention to detail; be self-directed in order to meet timelines; and have enough computer knowledge to learn new programs. Knowledge of bookkeeping is preferred.

The intention of appointing someone as Assistant Treasurer, is that person will be appointed as the Treasurer if the person, who is the Treasurer, ceases to be the Treasurer.


The Church Wardens appoint the Assistant Treasurer [Diocese of Algoma Canon I-3 2(b)] annually, and the term runs from an Annual Vestry Meeting to the following Annual Vestry Meeting.


The Assistant Treasurer is accountable to the Church Wardens through the Treasurer for the paying of authorized expenses, the management of funds held and the accounting of the funds of St. Stephen's Anglican Church.

Specific Duties

The Assistant Treasurer under the direction of the Treasurer may:

1.       oversee the counting of the offerings;

2.       enter receipts and invoices into the accounting software; and

3.       pay bills.


The Assistant Treasurer will work under the direction of the Treasurer. If the Treasurer is absent or unable to function as the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer will work under the direction of the Church Wardens.

The appointment as the Assistant Treasurer may be discontinued by the Church Wardens for not carrying out the responsibilities and duties of the Assistant Treasurer.

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