Duties of Sidespeople

March 14, 2017

Before the Service Begins

         Arrive at the church hour before the service, set the panic bar open (key is on bulletin board), turn the lights on, and set the thermostat to 20 C.

         In warm weather, door can be left open; and if it is too noisy close it.

         Put your name tag on, tag is stored in the Narthex cupboard.

         Familiarize yourself with the locations of the fire extinguishers in case you need to use them.

         If steps have snow or ice on them, remove it.

          Hand out the service bulletin and welcome people as they arrive:

  invite people new to St. Stephen's to coffee hour after service;

  for families with children, talk about: Sunday School, changing diapers; and

  invite visitors to sign the guest book.

         People using wheelchairs may require direction to find a place to be for the service and ensure they have a service book and hymnbook.

         Be aware of the location of the large print BAS and hymnbooks in case someone has need of one.

         If there is a mailing, hand out as much as possible. During announcements you can ask people to pick up their envelope.

         5 minutes prior to the service starting invite a youngster to ring the bell; the bell can be rung approximately 6 times.


Parish Information, For New and Returning Members

         This pamphlet is found in the literature rack in the stairway, and it has information about St. Stephens and a response form that can be used for a family to have their name put on the parish list, to request offering envelopes or join parish activities.

During the Service

         Prior to the offertory, count the congregation (include children and clergy) and display the number using the cards at the back of the nave.

         At the offertory:

  pick up the offertory plates, proceed down the aisle to the front pew,  collect the offering moving towards the back;

  bring the gifts: bread, wine and money to the sanctuary rail and pass to the server, if necessary ask for a 3rd person to help;

  on the 3rd Sunday bring an item from the food hamper and place in front of the altar;

  close the sanctuary rail and put the cushion in place; and

  bow, turn toward the center and walk back to your seat.

         At the Our Father, a sides-person goes downstairs and invites the Sunday School teachers to bring the children upstairs. Return to the nave without waiting for them.


  as the choir is receiving communion go to the front of the seating;

  once the choir has received, invite people to go forward to receive communion, ensuring that there are few delays;

  follow the last communicant up to the sanctuary rail and receive communion;

  open the rail and move the kneeler over; and

  if anyone cant come to the rail for communion, advise the celebrant so that communion can be brought to him or her.

         In warm weather, during the recessional hymn open the doors.

At all times, keep an eye open for people needing assistance.

After the Service

         Straighten up the books in the pews, collect bulletins and put them on the table at the back of the nave, turn the thermostat down, and set the panic bar closed.

If the building is evacuated (Fire)

         Open both doors of the church building and assist people.

        Assemble the people on the Arundel St. boulevard between the fence and the street, and count them; the count should match the count of people in church.

Other Emergencies

         First Aid kit is located in the kitchen.

       Jumper cables and blanket are in an 'Emergency Bin' on the shelves in stairway.

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