Ministry Description Ė Sunday School Teacher

Approved by St. Stephenís Parish Council April 21, 2003; amended by St. Stephen's Parish Council September 10, 2015, December 12, 2016

St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church Mission Statement: Our purpose is to build a strong loving Christian family of faith and to nurture our spiritual lives as we share Godís love.

Sunday School Purpose: to aid the Christian development of the children of the parish through enjoyable learning experiences introducing them to Godís word and the love of Jesus Christ.

Qualification, Knowledge, Attitudes

The Sunday School Teacher should be baptized and regularly attend St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church. It is preferred that she or he be confirmed in the Anglican Church or will seek confirmation.

She or he should be interested in the Christian development of children and be comfortable working with children.

The candidate must complete a Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC). The PCRC must be redone every three years and prior to the current one expiring. If the candidate has been a member of the parish for less than one year, he or she must provide two references who are not family members and who can comment on the personís character and suitability to work with children.


The Sunday School Coordinators, in consultation with the Incumbent, appoints the teacher for a one-year term, from September to September.


The Teacher is a living witness of Christian love. The teacher works with parents, other teachers, the Sunday School Coordinator (s) and the clergy to present a Christian Education program that engages the children and nurtures them in their faith development.

The Teacher agrees to follow the Sunday School Policies as adopted by the Parish Council.

Specific Duties

  1. Prepare lesson using curriculum and resources supplied by the Sunday School Coordinator (s);
  2. Supervise and guide children in completing lessons and projects;
  3. Ensure that the area the Sunday School used is clean and presentable after the class is completed;
  4. Attend teachers meetings;
  5. Assist with special events as related to Sunday School, when possible, example Christmas Party; and
  6. Participate in at least one educational activity each year such as the Mutual Ministry Festival or a self-directed activity that can be shared with fellow teachers.


Sunday School teachers are accountable to the Sunday School Coordinator (s). If the teacher has any problems, the Sunday School Coordinator (s) are available to help. The clergy can also be consulted.

If the teacher is unable to be present for the scheduled class, she or he should arrange for a replacement teacher, and if that is not possible, notify the Sunday School Coordinator. As a last resort, a message can be left on the Churchís answering machine.

A meeting is held each fall and as needed through the year with the Sunday School Coordinator (s) and the teachers to plan curriculum for the season and establish a mutual agreeable schedule.

Sunday School Coordinator(s) will periodically attend classes to evaluate the effectiveness of the classroom and teaching processes. Sunday School Coordinator(s) will communicate regularly with teachers to ensure supplies are available and to determine if there are any problems.

Time Commitment

Sunday School starts the first Sunday following Labour Day and ends the second Sunday in June. There is no Sunday School on the first Sunday following Christmas day or the first Sunday of the new year.

The Teacher teaches at least once a month. A class takes about 1 hour and preparation takes about 2 hours.

When teacher meetings are scheduled, they will be 30 - 45 minutes, possibly scheduled following the Sunday worship service.


It is rewarding to see the growth in the Christian knowledge of the children and their delight in completing tasks.


The Sunday School Coordinator or experienced teacher will assist with the initial classes. A mentoring process will be used with new teachers as requested or required.


Problems and concerns should be taken to a Sunday School Coordinator. If the problem persists, the Incumbent and/or the Church Wardens are available for consultation.

Non-renewal Procedures

The Sunday School Coordinator (s) may terminate or not renew an appointment for the following reasons:

  1. Inability or failure to complete duties including failure to teach as scheduled without notification;
  2. Inappropriate use of discipline; and
  3. Inappropriate interaction with children.

Appeals regarding a request to terminate or non-renewal are to be taken to the Incumbent and Church Wardens.

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