Ministry Description – Nursery Coordinator

Approved by St. Stephen’s Parish Council May 14, 2007; amended by St. Stephen's Parish Council September 10, 2015, December 12, 2016

St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church Mission Statement: Our purpose is to build a strong loving Christian family of faith and to nurture our spiritual lives as we share God’s love.

Nursery and Sunday School Purpose: to aid the Christian development of the children of the parish through enjoyable learning experiences introducing them to God’s word and the love of Jesus Christ.

Qualification, Knowledge, Attitudes

The Nursery Coordinator should be baptized and regularly attend St. Stephen the Martyr Anglican Church. It is preferred that she or he is confirmed in the Anglican Church or will seek confirmation.

She or he should be interested in the Christian development of children and be comfortable working with children, aged 2 to 4.

The candidate must complete a Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC). The PCRC sector check must be redone every three years and prior to the current one expiring. If the candidate has been a member of the parish for less than one year, she or he must provide two references who are not family members and who can comment on the person’s character and suitability to work with children. 


The Incumbent and Church Wardens appoint the Nursery Coordinator for a one-year term, from September to September.


The Nursery Coordinator oversees the Nursery: develops and maintains Nursery and Sunday School Policies, trains and mentors teachers, ensures that the teachers have the curriculum and resources to teach a lesson including an ‘emergency lesson’, plans special events, and keeps the parish informed about the Nursery. The Coordinator may also teach classes. The Coordinator is a member of the Parish Council.

The Nursery Coordinator agrees to follow the Nursery and Sunday School Policies as adopted by the Parish Council.

Specific Duties

  1. Plan, develop or purchase a Nursery curriculum;
  2. Work with the teachers to develop a mutually acceptable teaching schedule;
  3. Meet with teachers on a regular basis to assess progress and address concerns;
  4. Manage the Nursery budget including development of annual budget;
  5. Prepare and present reports at the Parish Council meeting and at the Annual Vestry Meeting;
  6. Submit short articles for the parish newsletter; and
  7. Participate in at least one educational activity each year such as the Mutual Ministry Festival or a self-directed activity that can be shared with fellow teachers.


When the Nursery Coordinator needs assistance, she or he may consult with the Sunday School Coordinator and/or the Incumbent. For issues that it would be helpful to get input from the parish, the Parish Council may be consulted.

The appointment as a Nursery Coordinator may be discontinued by the Incumbent and Church Wardens for not carrying out the responsibilities and duties of a Nursery Coordinator.

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