Ministry Description - Envelope Secretary

Amended by St. Stephen's Parish Council September 10, 2018

Qualification, Knowledge, Attitudes

A candidate for the position of Envelope Secretary must be able to maintain confidentiality; show good attention to detail; be self-directed in order to meet timelines; and have enough computer knowledge to learn new programs. Knowledge of bookkeeping is preferred.


The Church Wardens appoint the Envelope Secretary annually, and the term runs from an Annual Vestry Meeting to the following Annual Vestry Meeting. 


The Envelope Secretary is accountable, and under the direction of, to the Church Wardens for the accounting of identified donations to St. Stephen’s Anglican Church and reporting to donors. Envelope holders may contact the Envelope Secretary to discuss errors in the accounting of their donations.

The Envelope Secretary will use St. Stephen’s computer for keeping records.

The Envelope Secretary is a member of the Stewardship and Finance Committee.

The Envelope Secretary is the contact for the Electronic Offering Program.

The Envelope Secretary trains and supervises the Assistant Envelope Secretary.

The Envelope Secretary works with the Pastor to maintain the Church Family database.

Specific Duties

The Envelope Secretary:

New Envelope Holders

1.                  advises the Pastor of a new Envelope number;

2.                  sets up envelope holder's Record of Offerings;

Removing Envelope Holders

3.                  advises the Pastor to remove an Envelope number;


4.                  enters donations from the weekly Offering Report onto a donor's Record of Offerings;


5.                  records the amounts from the Electronic Offering Program Monthly Donor Report onto the Record of Offerings;


6.                  works with the Treasurer to reconcile donation records with deposit records;

Bi-Annual Statement (June 30, December 31)

7.                  prepares statements and ensures they are distributed with a letter for the Church Wardens; for the June 30 statement, when the donor's e-mail address is known they are sent by e-mail;

Year End

8.                  ensures offering envelopes for the next year are ordered by the 3rd week of September;

9.              prepares next year's offering envelopes and ensures they are distributed for the 3rd Sunday in December:

      a.               those who did not use their envelopes in the current year are not issued envelopes until they ask for them,

      b.               the Pastor can print off a set of labels for the envelope boxes, and

      c.               loose envelopes will have to be inserted in the envelope boxes;

10.              sets up Envelope holder's records on computer, amends records on Family Information Form and advises the Pastor to make changes;

11.              prepares Envelope Secretary's Report for the Annual Vestry Report;

12.              prints statements and ensures that income tax receipts are distributed by February 28;

13.              ensures previous year’s envelopes and copies of statements are organized and stored in an Archive box Vestry Room cupboard such that it is easy to audit them;

14.              ensures that records in Archive boxes older than seven years are destroyed;

15.           reviews the notes in the Parish Handbook concerning the Envelope Secretary and assist the Pastor in keeping the notes up to date;

Memorial Donations

16.              sends donation receipts to the donor and an acknowledgement of the donation to the family of the person in whose memory the donation was given; and

Plates for Memorial and Friends Board

17.              ensures that the Pastor and Church Wardens are made aware of donations that qualify for a plate.


An envelope subscriber is entitled to receive an Anglican journal. The Pastor will ensure change of address, etc. for the Anglican Journal is submitted based on the information entered in the Family Information Form.


The Envelope Secretary is accountable to, and under the direction of, the Church Wardens.

The appointment as the Envelope Secretary may be discontinued by the Church Wardens for not carrying out the responsibilities and duties of the Envelope Secretary.

Stewardship and Finance Committee

The Stewardship and Finance Committee’s purpose is to assist the Church Wardens with financial decisions and to communicate the financial information to the parish. The decision-making authority of the Committee is based on the Church Wardens being members of the Committee. The Committee may give direction to the Envelope Secretary.

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