Ministry Description Choir President

Amended by St. Stephen's Parish Council December 12, 2016

Qualification, Knowledge, Attitudes

For a person to be considered for the position of Choir President, he or she should have been an active member of the choir for at least six months. 

It is helpful that the Choir President have some knowledge of Anglican worship, completed the Learning Guide to the Christian Faith in the Anglican Tradition, and been confirmed.

If children (aged 18 and under) become choir members, then the Choir President must complete a Police Criminal Record Check (PCRC). The PCRC must then be redone every three years and prior to the current one expiring.


The choir nominates the person and the Incumbent appoints the person as the Choir President for a one-year term from September to September.


The Choir President should attend worship and choir practice regularly. The role of the Choir President is to keep the members of the choir informed about choir activities including ecumenical events, coordinate with the Organist on choir activities and liaise with the Incumbent concerning issues with the choir.

The Choir President is a member of the Liturgy Committee.

Specific Duties

The duties are:

a.       Contact choir members who have not been attending choir practice or worship; and

b.       Announces communion hymns during the service.


The Bishop through the Incumbent is responsible for the worship. The Choir President is under the direction of the Incumbent. The Liturgy Committee acts as an advisory committee to give the parish input into the conduct of worship and music.

The appointment as the Choir President may be discontinued by the Incumbent and Church Wardens for not carrying out the responsibilities and duties of the Choir President or inappropriate behaviour with a parishioner.

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