Goals and Objectives

Adopted at the June 10, 2019 Parish Council Meeting

Our purpose 

Our vision for St Stephen’s

Goals and Objectives 2019-2022



1.    Watch video ‘Doctrine of Discovery’: Diane to lead four, two-hour sessions or a half a day, prior to Synod 2021, hold it Wednesdays October 16 to November 6.        Completed 2019

2.    Gathering toques and mitts, encourage knitters: in fall of 2019, Wendy to create a place to keep them; extras give to Current River Churches Food Cupboard, Dew Drop Inn and Mission to Seafarers.

3.    Once a year have a PWRDF Sunday on the 4th Sunday in October: Diane to involve Sunday School, sermon presentation of their work, meal, get their resources.   STARTED 2019

4.    Encourage random acts of kindness: reference in sermons, Sunday School, Facebook post, check in at Parish Council meetings.

5.    Find out more about Urban Abbey: someone research it and present to Parish Council.

6.    Diane to find out about Coventry Cathedral and present to parish.


1.    Offer a refresher session for Eucharistic Assistants: June 16 after worship.    Completed 2019

2.    Support a student organist: how do we find people? How much are we going to pay? Parish Council to assign a task group and report back by January 2020.    STARTED 2019

3.    Explore New Zealand and Iona liturgies: get Bishop’s permission, identify Sundays; get a group of people to do leg work.   STARTED 2019

Community Building

1.    Host an annual picnic/BBQ in the church yard after worship on a Sunday: July 21 and August 18, play some outdoor games, offer music; Janet, Barb W. and Wendy to lead.    STARTED 2019

2.    Offer a family day at least once a year: Advent, Lent, Thanksgiving, potluck, craft, prayer. November 30.    STARTED 2019

3.    Create a sign board for people in key parish positions: at the September Parish Council meeting identify positions, where to put board.        STARTED 2019

4.    Look at name tags for people holding key parish positions: at the September Parish Council meeting identify positions, type of name tag.     STARTED 2019

5.    Update sign on east wall: discuss at the September Parish Council meeting.     STARTED 2019

6.    Explore Anglican Foundation: Diane/Canon Ed to present at the November Parish Council meeting and decide what to do.

7.    Get sign for Birch Point inviting people to join us: made to fit in sandwich board.    Completed 2019

8.    Movie night and pizza: discuss at a Parish Council meeting.    MARCH 2020

9.    Do a community activity such as the Hike for Hospice: develop a list of activities and discuss at a Parish Council meeting.    STARTED 2019

Faith Formation



1.    Alpha follow-up social, invite participants from Alpha 2018 course: Diane to help lead, discuss at fall 2019 Parish Council meeting.

2.    Review how Sunday School is offered and how Nursery could be offered: Diane to lead, discuss at fall 2019 Parish Council meeting.    Completed 2019

3.    Offer an annual Quiet morning / workshop on prayer: Advent, Lent, summertime? Evening? Stewardship session November 13, Quiet Morning March 7.    STARTED 2019

Pastoral Care

1.    Engage a speaker from the Medically Assistance in Dying committee.

2.    Host an Alzheimer’s coffee hour after worship in September.

3.    Host a Bullying and Fraud prevention workshop.

4.    Host Dementia workshop and get a dementia friendly place designation.    Completed 2019

5.    Develop the capability to offer funeral pre-planning: Pastoral Team develop this over the summer of 2019.

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