Sidespersons Instructions

Updated September 24, 2012

Before the service begins:

·         Hand out the service bulletin and welcome people as they arrive:
      - invite people new to St. Stephen's to coffee hour after service;
        - for families with children, tell them about: Sunday School, changing diapers; and
        - invite visitors to sign the guest book.

      5 minutes prior to the service starting invite a youngster to ring the bell. The bell can be rung approximately 6 times.


Parish Information, For New and Returning Members, this pamphlet found in the literature rack in the stairway, and it has information about St. Stephen’s and a response form that can be used for a family to have their name put on the parish list, to request offering envelopes or join parish activities.

During the Service:

At all times, keep an eye open for people needing assistance.

After the service

If the building is evacuated (Fire)

Other Emergencies

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