Article Index

Updated March 12, 2019

Introduction to the Bible (rev. December 2017)
Old Testament Survey (rev. May 2008)
Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles (rev. May 2005)

New to the Anglican Church (rev. March 2019)
Primer on Parish Government (rev. March 2019)

Reformation History (December 2004)

Anglican Worship (rev. December 2011)
Eucharistic Assistant (rev. February 2017)
Hymns Scored for Guitar in the Common Praise, the New Anglican Hymnal  
(November 2004)
Leading Prayers of People (rev. June 2017)
Planning Worship/Picking Hymns (rev. January 2012)
Reading a Lesson (rev. May 2005)
Revised Common Lectionary (rev. March 2016)
Sermon Evaluation (May 2010)
Servers (December 2011) 
Sidesperson Instructions (rev. March 2019)
Things to Know (July 2008)

Pastoral Care
Conflict, a Process to Be Managed (1999)
Forgiveness (May 2005)
Planning a Funeral: Customs and Grieving (rev. November 2017)
Interpersonal Communications (1999)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (2000)
Sexual Abuse (March 2010)
Suicide (March 2016)
Wedding - Couple Information (rev. September 2017)

Grace for Meals (May 2013)
Prayer (March 2016)

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